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Caring For MyGluvs
Traveling all over, your trusty “go-to” MyGluvs are sure to accumulate some dirt and grime.

Hand-In-Gluvs Program
Coming full circle and giving back. Join us in our mission to help kids in need.

Eco-Friendly  MyGluvs

MyGluvs provides next-generation handwear for protection, high dexterity, and superior work experience. MyGluvs is economical, durable, touch screen, lightweight, sanitizable, and washable

An eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable gloves.

Why Choose  MyGluvs
latex vs MyGluvs-no
Disposable Gloves Discarded gloves and masks on the streets are putting people, and animals a risk. 100,000 marine animals are killed by plastic each year. Switch to reusable and reduce your overall waste and keep sealife safe.
MyGluvs An Eco-friendly, reusable alternative to disposable gloves; they are sanitizable, washable and will last for up to 1 year. At the end of their life cycle, return them to us, and we will reproduce or up-cycle your Gluvs.
Benefits of MyGluvs
Fit Like A Second Skin: Properly fitting gloves are important not only for comfort but for safety.
Breathable Protection: 18 gauge nylon back breathable gloves that offer the right level of protection.
Sanitize, Wash And Reuse: Protect your hands from excessive washing and sanitizing.
Comfort and Dexterity, MyGluvs is Versatile yet Simple.


Washing our hands correctly is the best way to stop the spread of infections. However, 95 percent of people fail to wash their hands long enough to kill harmful bacteria, a new study finds.


Regular usage of alcohol-based hand sanitizes leads to skin disorders, adverse health effects. Hand sanitizer with antibacterial ingredients can contribute to the development of antibiotic resistance bacteria.
What Our Clients Say!

Great Practical Gloves

MyGluvs fit very well and easy to disinfect. They are useful and highly functional in many ways. I found them very durable for such light gloves.


From Fergus, ON Canada

MyGluvs Are First Rate

I am very impressed with the fit, dexterity, lightness and durability. The look and feel of MyGluvs are amazing and being able to use the touchscreen on my iPhone without taking off MyGluvs differentiates you from the competition. MyGluvs are first rate.


From Milton, ON Canada

Switch To MyGluvs TODAY!!!
Touch Screen. Sanitizable. Washable. Reusable.
Get MyGluvs Now

Unisex, Touch Screen, Protective MyGluvs

Protect and enrobe your hands with next-generation hand-wear. Versatile with a simple design, My Gluvs will become your “go-to” for daily wear

$14.99 $11.99


MyGluvs is a highly versatile glove; they are washable, breathable, touchscreen and provides adequate protection for the following applications.

  • Art Gloves
  • Assembly Gloves
  • Baggage Handling Gloves
  • Baling Gloves
  • Bouncer Gloves
  • Cable Handling Gloves
  • Care Home Gloves
  • Cargo Handling Gloves
  • Cloth Cutting Gloves
  • Clothes Handling Gloves
  • Component Handling Gloves
  • Concierge Gloves
  • DIY Gloves
  • Dog Walking Gloves
  • Driving Gloves
  • Everyday Errand Gloves
  • Fabrication Gloves
  • Farming Gloves
  • Food Delivering Gloves
  • Food Retailing Gloves
  • Furniture Moving Gloves
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Grocery Shopping Gloves
  • Greenkeeping Gloves
  • Hardware Gloves
  • Hamster Handling Gloves
  • Horticulture Gloves
  • Inspection Gloves
  • Joiners Gloves
  • Law Enforcement Gloves
  • Linen Handling Gloves
  • Litter Picking Gloves
  • Loading Gloves
  • Local Authority Gloves
  • Lumber Gloves
  • Maintenance Gloves
  • Material Handling Gloves
  • Metal Fabrication Gloves
  • Metal Handling Gloves
  • Money Handling Gloves
  • Moulding Gloves
  • Packaging Gloves
  • Painters Gloves
  • Painting Gloves
  • Paper Mills Gloves
  • Panel Handling Gloves
  • Pedestrian Crossing Operatives Gloves
  • Personal Shopping Industry Gloves
  • Petroleum Industry Gloves
  • Piloting Gloves
  • Plastering Gloves
  • Police Gloves
  • Printing Gloves
  • Professional Florist Gloves
  • Public Transport Gloves
  • Public Utilities Gloves
  • Railway Maintenance Gloves
  • Ranch gloves
  • Garbage Collection Gloves
  • Roofing Gloves
  • Scaffolding Gloves
  • Shipping Gloves
  • Steam Cleaning Gloves
  • Stocking Gloves
  • Strapping Gloves
  • Tile Handling Gloves
  • Tiling Gloves
  • Timber Gloves
  • Traffic Control Gloves
  • Transportation Gloves
  • Tire Manufacturing Gloves
  • Utilities Gloves
  • Valeting Gloves
  • Vegetable Preparation Gloves
  • Vehicle Handling Gloves
  • Wiring Gloves
  • Woodworking Gloves
  • Working Gloves

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